Our Team

Meet Our Senior Team:

Linda Calabrese

Linda Calabrese

Senior Vice President of Operations, Responsive Management Inc.

Email: linda.calabrese@responsivemanagement.ca

Tel: 416-479-4345 ext. 226

Ashley Rose

Executive Director

Email: ashley.rose@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 140

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Bryan Ballano

Director of Care

Email: bryan.ballano@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 160

Meet The Rest Of Our Team:

Sheryll Pacaba

Clinical Director of Care-IPAC

Email: sheryll.pacaba@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 302

Marcel Gouveia

Assistant Director of Care

Email: marcel.gouveia@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 310

Natasha Valentine

Assistant Director of Care

Email: natasha.valentine@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 202

Sandra Idowu

Employee Engagement Specialist

Email: sandra.idowu@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 220

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Maria Campos

Business Office Manager

Email: maria.campos@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811

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Rebecca Parsaud

Programs Manager

Email: rebecca.parsaud@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 260

Twoening Morales

Environmental Services Manager

Email: twoening.morales@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 290

Shyama Punchihewa

Shyama Punchihewa

Food Services Manager

Email: shyama.punchihewa@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 220

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Promise Idemuia

Admissions Coordinator

Email: promise.idemudia@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811

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Raymond Hinton

Quality Lead

Email: raymond.hinton@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811

Surria Linton

Social Services Coordinator

Email: surria.linton@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 180

Mary-Anne Agboola

Social Services Coordinator

Email: maryanne.agboola@hawthorneplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 416-745-0811 ext. 130