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Our Journey

At Hawthorne Place, together with our residents, staff, and families, we are on a continuous journey to improve the quality of life for all those who call us their home. We recognize emotional wellbeing as equally important to physical care and we actively seek partnerships and pursue initiatives to advance our knowledge and skills.

With meaningful interactions: with a 2022 grant from Healthcare Excellence Canada (HEC) and training from UK-based Meaningful Care Matters Ltd (MCM), we are using the QUIS, a novel approach in Canadian Long-Term Care, to target, measure and improve the quality of interactions between staff and residents. We are learning to recognize, name and quantify controlling interactions, those that are neutral (task-focused) and those that are truly meaningful – all with the intent of increasing the latter and improving resident quality of life. Learn more about MCM at and HEC at

With in-depth knowledge of resident likes & capabilities: in collaboration with WELBI, we have tailored
their renowned retirement living software to capture and share amongst our Long-Term Care staff an in
depth understanding of resident histories, capabilities, preferences, likes and dislikes – to inform daily living, staff and resident interactions and create individualized recreational plans. Our journey begins at the end of the summer of 2022. Learn more about Welbi at

With a view to living life to its fullest: we are proud to embark on the Butterfly Approach pilot with UK-based Meaningful Care Matters Ltd. This culture transformation initiative is renowned for the deep emotional connections and understanding it fosters between staff and residents, the dismantling of rigid time-of-day routines and the removal of “us and them barriers” between staff and residents – all of which result in a warm, affectionate living environment where resident expressions of unease are largely eradicated. Learn more about Butterfly and MCM at

Enjoy our Butterfly Journey

What is Butterfly

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