Resident Programs

Programs and Recreation:

Activity is an essential part of an individual’s life whether recreational or occupational.

Hawthorne Place Care Centre delivers excellent programming for residents with varying stages of abilities. Our Programs team has developed a wide range of programming and services to engage residents of all ages.

Recreation programs offer the opportunity to build self-esteem, maintain social contacts and community relationships, develop new friendships, recreate past knowledge and create new learning opportunities that contribute to the well-being of the resident.

Options include:several elderly people are sitting at the table

  • Fitness activities
  • Volunteer programs
  • Music clubs and therapy
  • Music Care by Room 217 –
  • Horticultural programs
  • Multi-faith spiritual services
  • Visiting Pets
  • Cultural and Community events
  • Art and creative pursuits
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Library services
  • Programs that help residents with dementia to rediscover old skills

Our professionals also customize programs to suit individual needs.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy:

a man exercises under the supervision of a physiotherapist

Hawthorne Place Care Centre offers a range of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. There are also alternative therapies and restorative care programs available. Each new resident is assessed to determine an appropriate physiotherapy regime shortly after admission. Our objective is to maintain and restore residents’ current abilities and strengths through a variety of physical programs designed to meet individual needs.

Java Music Club ©

The Java Music Club © is a unique, mutual support group program for residents of all ages and physical/mental abilities living in long term care. This interactive program provides our residents with the opportunity to join together in songs and share their life stories and experiences. Java Music Club is an inclusive and empowering program that specifically addresses critical social issues of depression and loneliness within a group environment. It is a research-based psychosocial intervention program that fosters relationships and encourages long-term friendships.

Residents take an active role in the Club by volunteering to lead sessions and share their stories. Each group session focuses on a weekly theme chosen from a resource manual specifically tailored to encourage group participation, while addressing underlying social issues. A highlight of the program is the “Java Talking Stick”, a branch-like, wooden stick that has been blessed by a spiritual group within the Aboriginal culture, and is passed among the participants. When a resident receives the stick, it is his or her turn to share experiences with their new-found friends, in a manner that makes them comfortable in their social interaction while building camaraderie within the group.

Java has changed the way residents communicate, encouraged and motivated individuals, and made it fun! Come and join us anytime, and experience Java for yourself.